You’ve stumbled across our website. It’s an eye opener. Our content’s looking fresher than a Colgate kiss, and you want a piece of it.

You’ve probably got a million questions about how to get started (at least). That’s why we’ve thrown together our most commonly asked.

Have a gander, then it’s your call. You can Google the remaining 999,992. Or just drop us a message.

Why video?

Why oxygen? Content is an essential element to businesses surviving in an extraordinary, tech-focused world. 

Our content will push your brand in a new direction. Across campaigns. Across platforms. Straight into people’s imaginations.

If your brand’s getting left behind, hop on and we’ll show you the way.

My mind’s blank, got any ideas?

You know video’s the mutt’s nuts, but haven’t a clue what yours should be about. Don’t worry, we got you. 

We’ll get to know your brand over breakfast, or throw around ideas over beers. Either way, we’ll brainstorm box-fresh concepts that set you apart from the rest.

How much will it set me back?

Dropping our prices here would be like getting down and dirty before the first date. We need to get to know each other first. 

Slide into our inbox so we can find out more about your brand, then we’ll lay out the best offer on the table. 

Can you sort us out with social, too?

We shoot with social in mind, so we can provide cut downs — on demand, on the go, from day one.  

But this isn’t just about churning out clips. We’ll optimise your content, adjusting ratio and adding subtitles, so it’s certain to stop scrollers in their hole.

Drones are taking off. How can I get onboard? 

Yup, drones are officially a thing now. Gone are the choppers. And the red tape. And the complications. Now, we’re free to fly almost anywhere. 

See buildings from new angles, share a bird’s eye view of events, take customers on an unmissable tour, and watch your brand propel through the roof.

How long until I get the goods?

If you need your content pronto, just ask. We can always check the calendar, shuffle around office Fifa tournaments, and put lunch and toilet breaks on hold (just kidding, our staff will still eat). 

We’ll never begin a project without a plan of action, so you’ll know exactly when to roll out the red carpet and share it with the world. 

I’ve got the video, what’s next?

We’re not just good with creating video, you know. We’ve a team of social scientists on hand, ready to get your video into the stratosphere.

As soon as the film’s in the can, we turn off our monitors and turn on our microscopes to analyse and track your content’s performance across social. 

And it doesn’t stop there. We constantly fine-tune and tweak your campaign, guaranteeing more likes and looks for your buck.

How can I get the ball rolling?

This one’s simple, you just have to make the first move. And don’t worry about coming up with a masterplan before dropping us a line — that’s our job. Once the team have fired over some ideas, you just have to say the word ‘go’. 

Got a Q we’ve not touched on? Drop us a message.

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