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Video has already become an integral part of marketing in the digital age. It is not only more effective in grabbing the attention of prospects on social media, but an effective medium to engage your leads. Inherently, visual content is easy to absorb in comparison to text-based content.

Six reasons why you should adopt video marketing instantly

1. Consumers prefer videos over text-based content.

2. According to statistics, the majority of social media users appreciate high-quality videos. This is because they are easily accessible and provide straightforward information about a product or service.

3. While textual content is still useful, video content closes the gap in your marketing efforts by meeting the demands of consumers in a fast-paced world where product research through browsing and reading several product pages is a pain point for customers.

4. Video allows you the room to be creative: for example, you can improvise your story narrative through allusions to comedy to keep the video lively and maintain the attention of the audience throughout your marketing campaign.

5. According to a report by Hubspot, the popularity of video is growing day by day. At least 81 percent of businesses use video marketing to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Hull Videography

6. Cisco predicts that video will make up over 80 percent of internet traffic by the end of 2021. With so many smartphone users being able to view content on the go currently, this is a fair estimation.

This implies that using video helps put your message in front of the masses, and from these viewers, those whom your message resonates with will turn into loyal customers. Research shows that about 90 percent of customers found their buying decisions on product videos – it’s clear that the strategic integration of videos on your landing pages can help improve your conversion rates significantly.

Naturally, when consumers see a product explained in the video, they are in a better position to relate to the product and see how it meets their needs in a real-world scenario.

Improved customer relations

According to a report by DreamGrow, over 68 percent of consumers would rather watch explainer videos than contact customer support to resolve a product-related problem. This is because video content can be revisited any time and in case of items such as tutorials, the user can pause and rewatch the material as many times as needed.

Your video marketing strategy should include evergreen material that provides value to both old and new customers for product support. The convenience of storing a video for future reference goes a long way in improving customer relations and increasing customer loyalty for your brand.


Changes in the sales funnel

While traditional marketing strategies relied on a direct proposition to get a consumer to buy from a business, the sales funnel is different today. Nowadays, the sales funnel is an ongoing cycle in which businesses need to engage customers continuously to establish rapport and build a lasting relationship.

The new trend implies that the continued effort to lure customers is the means to deliver a superior customer experience and build trust. With video marketing, you have the opportunity to propel your business to successful relationships with consumers by piquing their interest through educational videos to deliver the information they need.

In conclusion

Video content is critical to marketing in the digital age and it is only logical to take advantage of the trend to empower your business. If you’re a business based in Hull, Leeds or anywhere else in the UK, we’d be delighted to help you establish your video marketing. Feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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