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Video has taken the world by storm; in fact, one-third of all time spent online is spent watching videos (Forbes). The highly engaging medium of video makes it easier convey messages – so it’s little wonder that companies using video in their marketing increase their revenue at a speed of 49% faster than those who don’t. All this means that telling your company story through video puts you in a prime position to reap the rewards. But understanding how this works comes down to knowing the traits of a good company story.

What makes a good company story?

If you want your company story to succeed, then it shouldn’t just be a run-through of your biggest milestones. Instead, a successful company video should communicate a number of things about you: from your values, to what sets you apart in your market. But first and foremost, your company story must be genuine, it must be engaging, and it must humanise you.

Let’s explore how using video for your company story gets results…

We believe what we can see.

Naturally, videos, like images, are more appealing to the eye than a written story, and they’re more memorable. It’s thought we remember 95% of a message if we’ve watched it, rather than just 10% when we’ve consumed it via text.

But that’s not all. Words alone can be fabricated, they can be embellished. And not only that, they can be a barrier to effective communication. But nothing can take away from the power of a video using real people and soundbites combined with the power of the spoken word. What’s more, visual methods of marketing can transcend the barriers of language.

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In addition, by using more intimate production techniques, such as interviews, close-up camera angles and behind-the-scenes shots, a company story delivered through video can give a sense of transparency to a company, offering the opportunity for you to sell more than just your product, but a sense of identity, heritage, provenance and your social responsibility policy.

The feeling of authenticity that comes across through video is why many use case study videos or video testimonials to share their expertise and skills with potential new customers or clients. Using current employees or previous clients is a great way to capture this sense of honesty. A video allows you to put a voice and a face to your brand – it allows you to create a compelling narrative that draws the viewer in.

The power of narrative.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment; compelling stories touch us and move us. So it’s no surprise marketers have started using storytelling in everything from video to sales copy. And nowhere does narrative come across more strongly than in the form of a well-shot video.

Nowadays, a company video needs to be so much more than a brand history or timeline; it needs to weave your origins, goals, beliefs and significant events into a rich plot which takes your viewer on a journey with you – you the protagonist of your own narrative. If your company video is powerful and interesting enough, your customer will come out the other side feeling a stronger attachment to your brand and a sense of loyalty.

Of course, your company video doesn’t need to be all about your origins, it can be about whatever you like – from anniversary celebrations to highlighting a cause or campaign you feel passionate about, featuring a new product line or simply showing your customers what goes on behind closed doors.

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Increased visibility.

If there’s one thing you need to know about video marketing in 2019, it’s that 92% of those who view mobile videos share them with others – that’s twelve times the sharing potential on social media than of posts containing just words and images.

As such, video marketing is no longer just reserved for those with huge budgets to blow on TV advertising. A well-produced company video can perform well on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more at a fraction of the cost and with the power to target specific demographics with carefully chosen language and subject matter. It’s little wonder over half of marketers list video as the media form able to generate the highest return on investment.

And your chances of enhanced visibility are only increased when you use your company’s video story to tie into a wider marketing campaign. Using specific hashtags, competitions and other rewards for shares help turn your video interactive, inviting your audience to engage with it rather than simply consume.

A stronger brand.

You might think that video marketing only works one way. But the reality is that using video to tell your company story is just one more piece in the puzzle of building a stronger brand. A brand that not just your customers but your staff can believe in too.

Getting your staff, partners, suppliers, volunteers and other key stakeholders on board to take part in your company video can be a bonding exercise. By trusting these people to be the face of your marketing, quite literally, you don’t just show a more genuine side to your company but you recognise the potential and hard work of your team. This creates a stronger sense of loyalty from within, improving relationships and providing a powerful vehicle for success.

Adds depth to your company.

Just as your logo design, colour scheme and tone of voice are integral to your branding, they alone don’t communicate what your company stands for. Using video to sell your company story gives you ample opportunity to discuss the things you are passionate about – whether they relate strictly to your products and services (such as quality, provenance and innovation), or whether they are bigger aspirations for how you want to make a difference in the world (tackling social, environmental and cultural problems).

It is easy for a skilled video production team to help you produce a company story that communicates this, from the subtlest details such as location and imagery to more explicit signs through the use of theme, text and graphics.

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Harnessing the power of video.

There’s no doubt that in the 21st century, using video to create your company story is one of the most effective methods possible. Not only is video far more accessible as a medium, but the stats back it up, suggesting that video performs better on social media and can deliver a greater return on investment. But above all, telling your company story through video engenders a greater bond and sense of customer loyalty, communicating the real personality of your brand as opposed to the sales persona many companies adopt in the modern competitive marketplace. To discover how video could help sell your company story, get in touch with us today.

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