It may seem like yesterday that we were back at college, narrowing down our interests and choosing future career paths. The one thing we certainly remember is the work experience placements that spanned over the course of a week. 

The idea was there, but sometimes the placements were mismatched. However, if you were one of the lucky ones who gained a placement at a relevant company, your time ended before it had chance to really begin.

Fast-forward several years and things have definitely changed for the better. Hull College contacted us towards the end of 2018 proposing a brand-new Industry Placement Programme. The aim is simple, identify a student’s career goals and match them to a local business, to gain valuable experience with a part-time placement over the course of a year.

Looking back, we would have benefitted immensely from a relevant industry placement opportunity like this. Now that we are an established business in Hull within the commercial filmmaking industry, we’re in a position to collaborate with Hull College and offer this to the next generation.

When asked about the benefits of the programme, HCUK Training responded with:

“From a student’s perspective, high quality industry placements can provide real benefits and positive impacts for future progression.”

We brought Bridie on board in January, taking on the role of Marketing Assistant and managing a portion of the content pushed out over various social media platforms, alongside blog posts and site optimisation.

Hull College’s Work Placement Officer said:

Marketing staff working in office
Bridie was really eager to undertake a placement in digital marketing, so after meeting Northern Visuals I knew they would be the perfect match. She is incredibly confident and focused on her career in digital marketing, so this placement is the perfect opportunity for Bridie to launch her career.
Work Placement Officer, Hull College

We asked Bridie a few questions based on her initial experience working with us:

Q: What are you currently studying?

A: I’m studying Level 3 Creative Digital Media at Hull College

Q: Where do you see yourself heading professionally?

A: I see myself going into marketing, PR and social media.

Q: How are you finding your experience at NV?

A: I am enjoying it and gaining knowledge and skills of marketing and social media within a working environment which is helpful as it gives me an idea of what the environment would be like if I went into the field of marketing.

Q: What have you found surprising about the industry of video production, and how it relates to marketing?

A: I am surprised how much there is to video production and how presentation is key to gain clients. In terms of marketing, I am surprised with how much in-depth analysis you need to do to gain attention and traffic on your social media and websites.

Marketing staff working in office

Throughout the time spent with Northern Visuals, Bridie will be expanding her knowledge of producing content and utilising her skills with social media. Over the course of her placement, we aim to build her confidence towards thinking outside of the box in order to maintain a strong online brand and keeping one step ahead of the competition.

Feel free to reach out to us & introduce yourself to Bridie, our new marketing assistant!

Marketing staff working in office