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The production process takes place between the pre & post-production stages & refers to the actual filming of the video. It involves having our highly-skilled crew, operate industry-grade equipment to control lighting, shot composition and movement that’s appropriate to the scene. Ultimately, it’s all about capturing the content that will be cut together to produce the impressive end-result.

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Shoot ‘Em Up!

If you think about video production, it’s this stage that probably springs to mind before anything else. At Northern Visuals, we’re meticulous when it comes to the quality of the actions & shot movement, not to mention all aspects of the lighting and composition of each shot. What’s more, we can film in both 4K and slow motion, as required, and will discuss this with you in pre-production. If you’re not familiar with 4K filming, essentially it means there are double the pixels of standard HD, producing a much sharper & more detailed end-result.

Throughout the entire production, we insist on only using people on set who are properly qualified – that means working with a highly-skilled and educated crew. Finally, we make sure we have more than enough footage, as it’s always much easier to discard some of the shots than to re-shoot.

Above all, we understand both budget and time are precious, so we’re careful to be efficient on set so that neither time nor money runs out, which is always something that’s appreciated by everyone!

You’ve Been Framed.

As well as simply pressing record and shouting “action!”, we also manage the following aspects of production:


We’re happy to take the lead on any video shoot, managing everyone involved on set. Northern Visuals ensure that everything captured matches our client’s original vision.


The lighting of a subject or scene often greatly increases the visual strength of what’s being filmed. Not only can it be used to create ambience, it can also be controlled stylistically for dramatic effect.


The quality of sound is never something to be under-estimated. Audio recorded well, accompanied by stunning visuals, can take a film from amateur level, to a high-end production.

London Video Production


For us, production is where all the hard work and prep come together ahead of the creation of something special. Talk to us today about how, after a smooth and thorough pre-production process, we’d ensure a flawless shoot that’s ready to move to post-production as quickly and as efficiently as possible. All these efforts combine to create a film you will love for your business. We’ll be waiting patiently for your call…

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