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TikTok – the current fastest growing social media platform that’s got everybody talking. It’s available in over 150 countries and has 800 million monthly active users. If your brand targets  anyone between the ages of 16 and 34, or you just love having a laugh, hop on this craze ASAP.

So, what is TikTok and why is Gen Z mad for it?

Everybody’s heard of it. It’s one of the hottest topics right now. Whether you’re just chatting with your mates or scrolling on your socials, there’s no way of avoiding it. 

Remember Vine? Well similarly, users can create and share short videos, with a few extra perks such as music and filters. It’s an influencer breeding ground and a place where trends are born. Almost every Gen Z’er is on it, and if not, they’re missing out.

If you haven’t yet caved in to downloading it, kudos for your tenacity ,but maybe we’ll change your mind.

Getting started

Firstly, you’ll want to download the app and create an account (duh). After you’re all set up, you’ll notice the platform is divided into two main feeds. 

The ‘For You’ feed shows you videos based on your preferences and behaviours on the app. The more time you spend on the app, the more personalised this feed will become. 

You’ll want to start following and engaging with other users because the ‘Following’ feed is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s created by the people who you choose to follow.

Once you’ve got to know the nitty gritty of the app, spend some time scrolling. The last thing you want to do is join in and look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Now, what about for businesses?

There are a bunch of ways businesses can present themselves on TikTok. The big brands that are currently bossing it all have one thing in common – no one takes themselves too seriously. 

The key to TikTok success is to show a different side to your brand. It’s a hub for creativity and humour. In order to grow a loyal following, you need to “get down with the kids*” and create fun content. *Disclaimer: don’t use this as an excuse for a cringe fest. You’ll be seen as a try-hard and people will be put off your brand. If your TikTok creation makes you shudder slightly, put it in the archive.


Ever considered influencer marketing? Well, now you should. Influencers are the beating heart of this app. No we’re not talking about the Kardashians (unless you have an unlimited budget), we’re talking micro influencers. They’re the trendsetters and a powerful tool when it comes to driving people to your business. Stuck for where to look? TikTok has its very own Creator Marketplace – a platform that houses thousands of creators. Brands can search for creators whose audiences best match the target market of their campaign. Easy as pie.


Let’s talk trends. Trends come and pass like wildfire on here. They usually come in the form of a hashtag challenge. These are kind of a big deal on TikTok. You see them everywhere. You probably know someone who’s hopped onboard with one, if you haven’t done so yourself. Our advice is, if you’re going to hop on a trend, do it sooner rather than later. Or, before you know it, you’ll have missed the boat and your efforts will have gone to waste

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Businesses that are bossing it

Looking for inspo? You’ve landed on the right page. We’ve picked out 5 brands that are upping their game on TikTok.

1. Chipotle – Fast food restaurant, Chipotle, is currently smashing it! With half a million followers and 3 million likes, at the time this was written, they’ve gained a reputation through their humorous videos and by partnering with popular users.

2. I SAW IT FIRST – The fashion brand uses TikTok to promote their clothing range with influencer hauls and hacks, and by hopping on trends.

3. Fortnite – Kicking off with a genius launch campaign, Fortnite held an #EmoteRoyaleContest, which challenged users to create dances to  be turned into official emotes on Fortnite game characters.

4. San Diego Zoo – Voted #1 zoo in the world, San Diego Zoo has been sharing snaps of their cute animals with the world. Top quality quarantine entertainment!

5. e.l.f. Cosmetics – Cosmetics brand, e.l.f. has been rapidly gaining TikTok popularity through their #eyeslipsface challenge. They commissioned a song called “Eyes Lips Face” specifically for the campaign, taking inspiration from Kash Doll’s 2018 hit “Ice Me Out”. To kick it off, they initially worked with influencers and since then the results have been huge!


Take advantage of TikTok advertising

Like any other social platform, TikTok allows brands to pay for ads within the app.

Brand takeovers: Unique to TikTok, brands can take over the app for the day. These ads appear in the user’s feed before they see any other user content, and can include images, GIFs, and videos with embedded links to landing pages or hashtag challenges.

Infeed native content: These ads are similar to Instagram and Snapchat story ads which you’ll be familiar with, and include features such as website clicks or app downloads. Ad success can be measured through tracking clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), video views, and engagements. However, users can skip these ads. 

Sponsored hashtag challenges: Instead of attempting to get your hashtag challenge to go viral on your own, you can use promoted hashtags to get higher engagement.

Branded lenses: Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, you can create branded lenses for TikTok videos. They’re live for 10 days and are automatically included in the Top 10 Trending list. TikTok are currently working on an AR version.

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Now that you’re up to speed…

Our final bit of advice is to not delay or you’ll get left behind. If you’re already convinced, you might want to polish your DIY video, click here.