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We’ve only gone & bagged ourselves a new Video Editor! We’ll hold back on giving too much away, as he’s introduced himself below.

Tell us a bit about you.

Hey, I’m Harry. I’m 23 and a recent Digital Media graduate from the University of Hull.

I spent a lot of time when I was younger learning different video editing softwares and techniques through YouTube videos – which has helped me both with my degree and with my new position at Northern Visuals.

I’d say I’m a creative person, and I like to learn new skills. Whether that’s a new program, new instrument, or new sport.

What were your first impressions of Northern Visuals?

The office is modern and productive, there’s a relaxed and easy atmosphere, and my new colleagues are easy to talk to.

What are you most looking forward to within your new role?

I’m looking forward to the creative challenges that come from working on various different projects, from brands across a range of industries.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who think outside the box, and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Favourite film?

It’s gotta be Interstellar. The effects look mega on the big screen, and the soundtrack adds to the whole experience. Also, space is pretty cool.

Sum yourself up in 3 words?

Mellow, Modest, and Ambitious.

And finally…tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I have a pet Lovebird called Blueface. It’s blue and white – and (surprisingly) it has a blue face.