Unlock the door to Peter Ward Homes’ latest luxury TV ad with an exclusive behind the scenes tour from concept to creation.

Get to know the process behind the production and learn the ins and outs of creating a Sky TV ad. Read on.


The average viewer watches just over 3 hours of TV a day. So, it’s no surprise that TV is the most profitable form of advertisement.

And with there being so many options for getting screen time, advertisers no longer have to dig too deep into their pockets to bag themselves the limelight.


If you live in Yorkshire, chances are you’ve seen a TV ad of ours on your box recently. 

Back in Summer, we partnered up with creative agency, Drunk Animal, producing a commercial for Peter Ward Homes’ latest luxury development. The aim was to target thousands of potential home buyers across East Yorkshire using Sky AdSmart.

Kicking off with pre-production, we brainstormed scenes every family could relate to — baking, water fights, and board game nights. You get the gist. With a bag of shots to capture, we headed on shoot. Camera in one hand, masterplan in the other. 

Back at NV HQ, we brought the scenes to life with a voiceover artist. The ad is narrated from a mother’s point of view reminiscing on her childhood, progressing to having a place to call home in adulthood.

The result? A feel-good commercial with a storyline that resonates.

Watch the Sky TV ad below.


When you think of TV ads, forget major brands forking out millions. Getting screen time is now more accessible & affordable than ever before.

With AdSmart, you can cherry pick your perfect audience. There are two types of selection tools you can use — location based and attribute based targeting. Not only is this great for those wanting to target a very specific audience, but it also means viewers can see content that’s actually relevant to them. You wouldn’t show a Guinness ad to toddlers, would you?

Peter Ward Homes Sky TV Ad


Media Performance found benefits for brands that were new to the world of TV advertising. They saw a 35% increase in ad engagement, 13% improvement in emotional response and most importantly, a 20% increase in sales. Bravo AdSmart.

If you’ve an idea or two for a commercial but are stuck on where to start, just drop us a message.