Preparation is key, as they say, but we don’t take that overused quote lightly when it comes to producing a film. Pre-production is the earliest stage in video production, & one that’s hugely important in setting us up for the shoot. It involves extensive research & development, getting to know you and your product or service, and ultimately building the firm foundations for a successful film.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Effective pre-production that sets our shoot up for success matters to us, a lot. Part of this thorough preparation includes regular communication with our clients from the outset, keeping everyone fully informed at all stages of production, every step of the way. Doing this from the beginning ensures efficiency with the service we provide, time and budget, and everyone appreciates that!

We’ll talk to you about all the creative aspects of your film, from characters, story and plot, to style and the message you want to convey with your video. Let’s talk about how we can make your video stand out, and the target audience you want to see it. As we conceptualise your film, we’ll also be incorporating your vision for it from the word Go.

Putting Pen to Paper

There are various documents that need to be put together as part of the pre-production stage, and which will all contribute to the success of the shoot. We’ll have everything ready before the first shot is filmed.


Storyboarding is a series of panel-by-panel drawings outlining your video’s final look. We make sure these represent your branding and messaging accurately, and give a strong sense of the final product as well as mapping out things like shot duration, camera angles & movement.


We’ll work with you to craft the perfect script for your shoot, & one that your whole team loves. The best videos bring together the best script and the best visuals, & that’s what we work hard to produce.

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Your Place, or Mine?

In any production, the actors and presenters need to be absolutely right for the task in hand – as does the location for the shoot. Having the wrong people or place could hinder the impact of your video, so we make sure that never happens with a thorough casting and location scouting process.

We spend a lot of time casting the films we work on so that people look and sound perfect for their on-screen roles. Equally, when we scout locations, we recce the places at the time of day when we’ll need to shoot, assessing nearby electricity supplies and sound levels, checking whether any permission is needed before filming and taking lots of photographs so you get a good sense of the place, too.

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