The cameras are turned off and the director yells, ‘it’s a wrap’ meaning it’s time for the edit, which is as essential to creating a video as the filming. It’s only at this stage that meaning can be created, and your message is fine-tuned as everything is pieced together. It can involve several processes, including editing, colour correction, visual & audio effects, animation and distribution. The list goes on!

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Video Editing on iMac

An End-to-End Service

We know that post-production offers opportunities to realise your film’s true potential, so we build on your initial key goals for your project as a top priority. Here’s what we offer:


    We’re well used to meeting tight deadlines, and will keep you full in the loop every step of the way.


    We fully understand the importance of copyright as far as music is concerned, and won’t use anything we’re not fully licensed to use.


    Your video may need to go out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in attention-grabbing, bite-sized chunks. We adjust the ratio and duration accordingly for best optimisation.


    Some information can be highlighted or emphasised using digital titles and graphics. We’ll ensure the specifics of these are 100% accurate to your product, service or message.


    Part of the post-production process is ensuring that your video is distinctively yours and yours alone, with appropriate branding wherever relevant. Your video will have your own subtle yet effective stamp on it, meaning everything is truly in keeping with your brand’s identity and unique to you.


Indeed, this is quite possibly the first thing that people think of when they think about post-production. This is all about choosing the best clips from the shoot and arranging them in the right order to tell the story you’ve set out to tell.


This refers to anything that couldn’t be shot during the production stage, and so is added in post-production. This could be as Hollywood as an explosion or as necessary as a graphic title introducing the on-screen speaker.


This may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about post-production, but it can make a real difference to the end result, especially where multiple locations and cameras are used. This ensures continuity and helps to set the right tone and style for the film.

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Reviewing Your Film

We use an interactive review system to present the video to you, which comes as part of our policy of regular communication with you, to ensure our vision remains parallel with yours.

Using this simple process, you can pause the video at any point to comment and annotate on specific scenes you would like adjusting. Let’s say you love the style of digital title we used and want more of them, simply pause the video, circle the title and ask for more of the same!

We receive live alerts so that we can get on with the amendments instantly, fine-tuning your video until it’s perfect.

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Post-production can include many different things as the finishing touches are put to a video. It’s a stage that can make all the difference to a film’s success. Done properly, it helps secure the best end product and the highest quality edit. You need a knowledgeable provider when it comes to this crucial stage. Talk to us today.