We worked with Space Projects UK to highlight their bespoke modular and portable buildings that are manufactured in-house. The aim was to showcase the buildings in the best light by highlighting the key features to potential investors. The work had to offer peace of mind to their customers that the buildings were of the highest quality and delivered to their exact specification.


We wanted to show the buildings in their purest form, and as we only had the finished products to work from, this could only be done by adopting a clean and clear filming style that would complement the quality and bespoke nature. The buildings were available to us at both Space Projects’ manufacturing site, and at the site of existing investors in Reading. The plan was to film the modular building at the first site, focusing on the details, and then giving the project more context by showing locations and capturing a series of structures built side-by-side to give a feeling of community and homeliness. 


The first site location gave us insight into the details of the build. We were able to capture specific aspects that were unique to the style and bespoke nature of the project. We chose to embrace the clean and clear approach by featuring a slow and smooth walkthrough the building, giving us the opportunity to use digital graphics to pinpoint key points. The second location in Reading gave far more context than we had originally planned and hoped for. We experienced all 4 seasons within 1 day, allowing us to capture the modular structures in different climates and embracing the elements. In the end, we were able to produce a complete end-to-end film that showed the buildings in a creative and appealing way to our client’s future investors.

Space Projects

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