Walking the Walk



We worked with Darren Peacock, the owner and MD of Peacock Finance, to help rebrand his company image and to put an approachable face behind the business. The focus was around a handful of key clients and bringing light to their journeys, with the underlying message of financial support from Peacock Finance. The flagship film centred around Darren Peacock and his personal story that ultimately resulted in the start of Peacock Finance, with indirect emphasis on real-life experiences becoming the backbone of his knowledge.


We spoke with the key clients to gain insight into where it all began, the hurdles they encountered, and results of their journey to date. The subtlety of any financial support from Peacock Finance was key, so the questions posed in relation to this were only voiced once each individual had opened up about their story. This allowed us to capture vital and compelling honesty from each subject, maintaining a genuine response throughout the films.


We produced 3 client-based films that focused on the history and recollections as told by key members of each organisation. Focusing on the highs and lows of their journeys with the underlying message of support from Darren Peacock and Peacock Finance. The flagship film based around the personal story of Darren Peacock was a real cornerstone piece when paired with any of the other films. The production highlighted honesty and reason behind the start of Peacock Finance, and where their knowledge and care stems from. 

Peacock Finance Video Production

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