Paragon Arcade



Built in 1891, Paragon Arcade is one of Hull’s Victorian Gems. It’s home to independent retailers, each offering something very different, from clothing, to craft beers to old-fashioned sweets. Its owners, Allenby Commercial, refurbished the arcade and wanted to showcase its diversity to attract more & new customers.


The film needed to be bright & energetic, to reflect the new lease of life Allenby Commercial had given to the arcade. We captured sequences that present the experience a shopper might have if they visit the arcade, from trying on a Rolex watch to having a coffee at Two Gingers. The film flows from one retailer to the next, in a similar fashion to how a customer may bounce from one shop to the next, influenced by the passage-like design of the arcade.


The variety of products and services within the film means it appeals to a wide audience, showing that there’s something for everyone in Paragon Arcade. Not only did we produce a main film that showcases all the retailers present in the arcade, but we also created social cuts that are shorter & snappier, perfect for showing off one shop in particular.

Paragon Arcade Video Production

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