What more do you need for a weekend to remember, than a Dutch dash mash-up between P&O Ferries and The Sesh – the organisation responsible for the life of much of Hull’s music scene. This trip wasn’t a case of ‘what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam’, because Northern Visuals was there to capture it all for a highlights film!


As is always the case with showcasing an event, we had to ensure we didn’t miss any of the best bits, and there were plenty of them. We captured content on board the ‘Pride of Hull’ ferry, from setting up to packing down and everything in-between, as well as filming in Amsterdam.

The film needed to reflect the energy of both the music, and that of a Dutch dash! We achieved a lot of the pace within the post-production stage, using various effects and techniques, although ensuring there was lots of movement within the shots whilst filming also added a lot energy.


The film was released by both P&O Ferries and The Sesh, and received lots of engagement online. Not only does it serve as a memoir for those who were on-board the ship that weekend, but it will be used to promote future events too!

Great work. Northern Visuals have done a great job with this.
Partnerships & Events Controller, P&O Ferries
I truly love the video. You’ve captured the weekend cruise perfectly. Thank you.
Festival Director, The Sesh
The Sesh at P&O Ferries

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