London Borough of Culture 2019 Launch Film



Waltham Forest, the very first London Borough of Culture in 2019. We were tasked with producing the film that would kick it all off, launching the programme of arts and culture that is to come over the next year. The film needed to present all those involved with the major events that the Borough of Culture would bring to Waltham Forest, whilst being inspirational, building suspense & excitement.


One of the challenges we faced was having to reveal and present the events, that were going to happen in the future. To overcome this, we collated as much content as possible from all the artists who are to be involved & combined it with footage we captured over two days in the London borough. Ultimately, this embedded footage of events that have happened elsewhere, within the community of Waltham Forest. To further enhance this, there were various tricks in the edit, such as overlays, glitches, sound effects and many more, layered to produce one impactful launch film.


As well as being released across various online platforms, such as social media, the Mayor of London presented the film attendees of the programme launch in October 2018. It has since acted as the headline film, leading up to a year of exciting events for Waltham Forest & the first London Borough of Culture.

It is looking EPIC! Thank you SO much for pulling this together so rapidly, stylistically it is really cool!
Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture
Thanks so much for all your amazing work – the sizzle looked incredible at the launch today!
Communications & Content Manager, Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture
Waltham Forest Video Production

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