Burger King Tutorial



Lincoln & York are a major supplier of coffee to the food & beverage retail sector. They approached us to produce a film that would help one of their clients, Burger King, train their staff to use a new, state of the art coffee machine, used nationwide in their stores. The film not only had to show use of the machine and its key features, but also present the background to Lincoln & York and the different types of coffee available via the machine.


We recognised that for training purposes, the film needed to be informative both visually and through the audio, whilst still being engaging. To present the process of operating the machine, we captured the actions visually and explained the process using a voiceover. This allowed for more detail to be presented, whilst keeping the video and its information easily digestible. 


The video will be used internally by Burger King as these machines, with coffee supplied by Lincoln & York, are introduced and used within their stores. The video can be amended easily if the machine and its features are updated in the future, ultimately saving on time and cost to train new members of staff in alternative more time-consuming & less consistent approaches.  

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