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Based in Oxford, KFP IT offer IT and point of sale systems in predominantly the clothing and food & beverage retail sectors. They approached us to produce a film that would serve two purposes, present who the company is, & showcase their brand new office space. The two could easily go hand-in-hand, complementing each other as both the managing director & head of operations explain what KFP IT offers, and its background.


KFP have a lot to offer, with a vast headquarters spanning from their 24/7 support service, to controlled & secure testing in the warehouse. It was important to make known, the scale of the company and its clients who are international retailers with locations across the world. But more importantly that its scale, was how down to earth the company and its employees are, and this was a major factor essential to the film. Whilst ensuring we captured everything the company does, we focused heavily on personality too, ending the film with a personal touch from John, the managing director. 


The original aim of the film was to present it at an open day for its employees and partners, in January, which was received greatly. However, since production, its suitability to show to potential future clients has also been recognised and it will be used as a sales & marketing tool. KFP can present the film with confidence that the acronym of which their name is formed, Knowledgeable, Focused & Professional, will be portrayed alongside their easy to work with, relaxed personality.

Simply amazing! John’s response was WOW, so that means something special! Thanks for all your hard work.
Aaron Bennett
Marketing Manager, KFP IT
KFP IT Video Production

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