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We wanted to produce something with entire creative freedom, that pushed our skills to the limit, and allowed us to experience a completely new location all in one film. A passion project like this would allow our creativity to push the boundaries and perhaps discover a new ability and style that could be utilised for future projects.


We decided on the barren wastelands, stunning scenery, and diverse locations of Iceland. We pinpointed a long list of destinations along the south coast, ranging from powerful waterfalls and precarious crevasses, to sheer clifftops and deserted beaches, to awe-inspiring glaciers and natural geothermal pools. The Nordic island is home to a vast array of scenic opportunities and we wanted to capture as much as possible.


The outcome of the trip was a diverse montage of exploration that documented hundreds of miles covered and countless scenes experienced. The sunrises and sunsets that lasted hours created the picture-perfect scenes throughout our travels, allowing each destination to be captured within a golden setting. We took a range of different camera setups, allowing us to get a variety of movements and limiting the amount of restrictions with the testing landscapes in mind. With the addition of drone work, we were able to capture the vastness of the island from afar as well as getting up-close and personal with each place on our list. The film continues to receive positive feedback, putting faith in the potential for future passion projects to take place.

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