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Highlighting the possibilities of e-commerce apps for busy and popular fast-food restaurants, we worked with Become Marketing & Apps4U to create an engaging film promoting an app built for one of their leading clients. The focus was around the purpose-built app for the popular Hull-based restaurant Dope Burger, highlighting the ease of use, rewards scheme, and client branding. 


We wanted to create a film that corresponded with the unique character of Dope Burger. The solution was to recreate a common scene with a generic customer and then take it to the next level. The plan was to create something that could be used for advertising purposes for Apps4U as an app developer, but also Dope Burger themselves as a market-leading food destination. The content also had to be socially engaging and visually captivating due to the status and feedback generally associated with the clients.


We were granted complete creative freedom to produce an engaging and effective film that captured the true character of the client’s image. We hired a penthouse serviced apartment in the heart of the city, due to the colourful and unique style incorporated as our setting for the film’s main character. The app’s user appeared quirky and stylistic to suit the nature of the client, and the range of customers they expect. The kitchen at Dope Burger had to be light and bright, focusing on each individual stage of cooking to capture the quality and process of the order placed. The film highlighted complete ease-of-use and simple functionality of the app that received strong positive feedback from the client’s social audience.  

It's been great working with you on this project. Graham is so happy with this and sends huge a thank you and a smiley face!
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Dope Eats Video Production

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