Africa Express is a music festival featuring a collective of African and Western musicians, coming together to celebrate unity and collaboration. We were tasked with producing a highlights video that would capture the diversity of artists and showcase all that the sold-out event had to offer. Along with this, we needed to create social media content during the run up to the event, with the purpose increasing the buzz surrounding Africa Express.


Leading up to the night of the festival, we wanted to build up a hype and keep the audience excited. Our approach to this was to capture the rehearsals across two days, editing videos for social media in-between each shoot.

We knew that we would be faced with a challenge when capturing the main event, as we needed content of each performing artist (which was around 100 in total). To overcome this, we made sure to familiarise ourselves with the schedule to ensure this was possible.


Celebrating the core values of what Africa Express is about, unity and collaboration, we created a highlights video that would capture all of this within the space of two minutes. This provided Waltham Forest with multiple films to document one of their major events, during their year as borough of culture.

Africa Express Crowd
Africa Express Music Festival
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Africa Express
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Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

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