Meet our new website. From branding and design, right down to our strategy and services, 2020 has seen us have a complete rebrand.

Want in on the details? Read on.


Since rebranding to Northern Visuals back in 2017, a whole lot has changed. We’ve grown as a business, our skills have developed, and our creativity continues to break boundaries. 3 years on, naturally our website and branding were way overdue a head to toe makeover.

We’ve waved goodbye to the blues in our old logo and opted for a simple yet bold monochrome design (anyone else cringe a little looking at the old one?!).

Northern Visuals Old Logo
Northern Visuals Rebrand


With Mattix’s hands on the design and TH3 on board with the build, we revamped our site and it was a match made in heaven. The brief? Something on-brand, visually captivating and easy to navigate.

We’ve also switched up our lingo, working with a creative copywriter to cut out corporate and inject playfulness across our site and socials.


We’re not ones to do things by halves. We’ve added two extra stages before production: strategy and creative. So, what does that mean for you?

Strategy is the what, when, and where of video production. This is the stage where we’ll knuckle down on a masterplan that will outline your goals and vision for the film. We want to know exactly where you want to take it and who you want to reach, so we can plaster your brand in front of as many eyes as possible.

Next up, creative. Creativity runs through our veins. From sketchpad to sign-off, we inject uncommon ideas and unexpected thinking into every part of the production process, inventing visual spectacles that make you wonder ‘how the hell did we do that?!’ 

As for production, well, you know how that story goes… Don’t expect plain-Jane point-and-shoot here.


If we’re going to have a rebrand, why not throw a killer showreel into the mix?!

Our previous one hit screens in 2019, and since then we’ve worked on a tonne of exciting projects, including MlkMen, Made in Hull, and Let’s Talk Shop. So, we’ve wrapped these up in a fresh, showstopping reel.

If you’re a videographer new to the scene , you might be thinking about crafting one for yourself. Well, lucky for you, we’ve a guide for creating the ultimate showreel. Check it out here.


To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’ve three £50 Amazon gift vouchers up for grabs. All you have to do to enter is follow our Instagram, give the competition post a like, and then head over to our Contact page. Leave your details on the form, along with the word “WIN” in the message box. Easy peasy.