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Clutch, a B2B research and reviews firm, has recently recognized Northern Visuals as one of the best UK B2B companies in the creative and design category. Specifically, on Clutch’s list of the best video production companies, Northern Visuals took the #4 spot on the list. Aditionally, Northern Visuals have also been recognised as a top video production company on DesignRush after a recent press release from the site.

Seeing is believing. When your company has a product to sell, an ad campaign to run, or a brand to revitalize, your firm needs to be sure to select the right video production company.

Clutch ranks firms based on customer feedback, thought leadership, and overall reputation in a specific industry. Our specific expertise in the video production field are listed on our profile, among which includes our knowledge of explainer videos. Moreover, our Clutch review offers in depth insights into our diverse skillset, and we’re looking forward to collecting many more.

Clutch Video Production Award

In response to being named a Clutch leader, Northern Visuals’ Managing Partner said:

Being awarded as a Clutch Leader in the UK for Creative & Design is fantastic. Clutch provides a platform to showcase businesses that are some of the best at what they do in their respective fields. Northern Visuals are proud to be recognised as one of those companies, and we will continue to provide the same high quality service throughout 2019 to ensure we remain featured on that list.
Owen Clarke
Managing Partner, Northern Visuals

Due to the strength of our Clutch profile, Northern Visuals has also been featured on The Manifest’s list of the best companies in the UK specializing in video production services. The Manifest, one of Clutch’s sister sites, similarly looks to help businesses narrow down their list of the best service providers.

Visual Objects, Clutch’s other sister site lists Northern Visuals on their list of the best ad agencies. Visual Objects serves as a central hub where the portfolios of creative firms are on display, allowing us to feature our visually stunning work alongside our 5-star reviews. Visual Objects has just recently launched and we’re looking forward to seeing how the site continues to grow in the future. To learn more about this site, you can visit it here.

Overall, we hope this is only one of many awards we will receive, and is a milestone in a long journey of continual innovation and transformation.