A word to the wise from our MD. Read on to find out, what’s the fuss with Gus…

Gus smiling behind his macbook in the new office.

Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re older. Wiser. Bigger and better. A lot can happen in five years. Bowie even wrote a song about it.

After half a decade at our old town basecamp, naturally an office move was on the cards and without sounding cringe or cliche, I knew when I saw this spot, it was the one. 

It was time to tell the team… and say ‘Bye Street’ to High Street.

Gif from Waynes World. We fear change.

We packed up our (heavy) gear, which we have a lot of. Lugged it down two flights of stairs and back up another two at the other end (thanks guys) and haven’t looked back since.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and our perfectly formed team has settled in nicely to the new HQ (have a butchers) and are busy producing some of the best client work we ever have.

Is it something in the fresh foreshore air? Quaint walks for Friday pints at The Country Park? Or just our unshakeable team, whose skills still knock my socks off every day?

New space. New services. New clients. New projects. New opportunities. It’s all happening here at NV. Our creative juices are flowing and I’m buzzing to see what the next five years bring.

Office 2.0 ticks all the boxes. Especially, ‘location that looks like a Bob Ross painting’ ✅ Which was essential. Swing by for a brew with a view. Slide into our DMs or drop us a message here.