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We’ve expanded our team at Northern Visuals, filling the role of Digital Marketing & Content Producer! We’ll hold fire on telling you too much about our newbie, as she’s introduced & described herself below!

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

My name’s Isobel and I’m excited to be joining the team at Northern Visuals as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. I have always found marketing to be the most interesting and creative aspect within business. I studied business at college and marketing was one of the larger, more extensive, modules that we covered. After finishing the course, I decided I wanted to get out into the working world and start a career within digital marketing and social media. I saw that Northern Visuals were looking for an apprentice and I was instantly attracted to the opportunity.

What were your first impressions of Northern Visuals?

I was instantly attracted to Northern Visuals due to the creative aspect of the business. I saw their portfolio of work which had a diverse range of projects and knew this would be a company I’d love to work for. Just from scrolling through their social media pages and reading a couple of their blog posts, I could tell that the team at Northern Visuals were passionate and dedicated to doing what they do best, providing a creative video production service.

What are you most looking forward to within your new role?

I am most looking forward to being given the opportunity to learn further about digital marketing, whilst also working for a company made up of likeminded hardworking, creative individuals. I am excited to be given the opportunity where no two working days will be the same, and hopefully I will be an asset to the company.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about me would be that I am secretly the crazy cat lady. At home I have a group of stray cats that hang around waiting to be fed every night. It started off by feeding a couple of them out of guilt, but now I’m paying to feed around eight cats every single night that don’t even belong to me. They even know their own names that I have given them!

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