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Recalling their Dutch Dash highs and retrospectives of the weekend, we caught up with The Froot, Mauritia, and Yasmin Coe, after hopping onboard ‘Made in Hull’ with them, back in Feb.

Q. What do you love most about performing on Made in Hull?

The Froot “We really enjoyed our first experience playing outside the UK. Our favourite thing about performing on the Made in Hull Dutch Dash would be being on a boat with all the other bands we know from Hull – it was a big party on a boat with our mates!”

Mauritia “Our favourite moment for us was getting to see some of our favourite local bands again, such as Young Jack, Talk More, and Late Night Marauders. It’s always fun to hang out with new people and catch up with old friends!”

Yasmin Coe “Honestly, just being on a boat with so many of my mates! Performing was obviously ace, but just seeing all your mates play and vice versa. It was chaos but it was lovely.”

The Froot at Made in Hull

Q. Best memory from the weekend?

The Froot “Our best memory from the weekend was exploring Amsterdam on the Saturday.”

Mauritia “Our favourite memory from the trip has to be convincing Sean (our guitarist) that he had to get off the boat at 2am, and him proceeding to put his T-shirt and trousers on in a rush to get off. Safe to say we’d all drunk enough that night!”

Yasmin Coe “I have a few – getting on the dance floor with everyone at the Yo-Yo disco, seeing my boyfriend play in the Maratimes, and managing to get a mosh pit going for my set – in the very limited space!”

Mauritia at Made in Hull

Q. What’s your top song to perform?

The Froot “It’s hard for us to pick a favourite song from our set, because there is such a variety and we love performing them all. If we had to only pick one, it would be Salient Eye. It’s one of our most popular tracks and always gets good energy from the crowd, because of its strength and emotion.”

Mauritia “Playing Skin is always a great time, as most people that watch us know it and sing along. However, I think at the moment we’re really enjoying playing some new songs and seeing how people react!”

Yasmin Coe Cheap Leather for the past few months has always been the hype song, so that’s probably the most fun to play!

Yasmin Coe at Made in Hull

Q. What’s in store for 2020?

The Froot “We had a very busy few months coming up with a tour planned, some festival dates, and going into the studio to lay down our new tracks. The outbreak of COVID-19 has put everything on hold for now, but when it all passes we’ll reschedule our shows and get back to our busy ways.”

Mauritia “We’re dropping our new record very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials and website .”

Yasmin Coe “Writing as much as I can in lockdown, finishing recordings, and redoing old songs before I head to uni.”

The Froot at Made in Hull

Q. Finally, what are your thoughts on the video?

The Froot “The highlights video is great. It showcases all the acts and moments over the weekend, and is really well put together.”

Mauritia “We’ve seen the video and it’s awesome. Another great job from Northern Visuals.”

Yasmin Coe “I have seen the video, and I’m extremely happy to be featured. Honestly, I think it captured the event and the atmosphere brilliantly.”

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