On November 7th, history was made in America. Joe Biden claimed victory over Donald Trump and became the 46th President of the United States, whilst Kamala Harris became the first female and woman of colour Vice President.

But what helped push the presidential win? The video campaigns that supported Biden? Maybe. Read on to find out.


Biden splashed out a whopping $582m on TV, $85m on Facebook, and $60m on Google — more money than any other election candidate has spent on advertising in US history.

His video marketing strategy was based around two themes: uniting the democratic party and responding to 2020’s catastrophic events.

The result? Money raised to continue campaigning, recruit volunteers, and increase postal votes. The list goes on.


As one of the first ads that Biden ran upon becoming the Democratic Party candidate, a message of kindness, humility, and empathy is spread throughout.

Not only does he offer hope and harmony to Americans, he makes the bold statement: “We’re the movement that will beat Donald Trump”.


The narrative is simple and consistent. After Trump has divided the country and encouraged cultural conflict, Biden wants unity and harmony.


Taking a different turn, this ad slams Trump’s handling of the pandemic. It takes his statement, “I alone can fix it”, and follows with figures of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and unemployment figures.

Trump’s capability to run the country was put to the ultimate test during this pandemic, as America’s physical, mental and economical health was greatly relying on the government. Yet, as stated in the ad, “the only thing Trump has done alone is fail America”. Savage.


In a digital world, video marketing plays an important part in modern elections. And Biden’s campaign strategy was no exception, as it clearly worked in his favour.

Let us know your thoughts on the huge advertising figures spent this time around. Do you think the spending was necessary to secure the title of President? Drop us a message.