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In 2020, internal comms shouldn’t just be the standard email or company newsletter. We live in a day & age where digital content is everywhere. It’s become part of our everyday lives. So why should it be any different when it comes to communication?

Visual content is principle in keeping your team engaged & switched on. Wanna learn the ins & outs on how your brand could be using video for internal comms? Then read on.

1. Sharing the all important company news and updates

Who says company news has to be boring? Video is way more exciting than reading an email or printed newsletter. For example, you could have a video mashup of events content, or an interview style video with the company director. It’s the key to keeping the team up-to-date on changes in processes, systems, strategies, and overall brand info, whilst also reinforcing the company culture and employee engagement.

2.  Team training & onboarding

For brands that are constantly improving, evolving, and expanding, team training is a must-do. With anything from rebranding, to new processes and ways of working, it’s simply unavoidable. Video’s known for being more engaging and memorable than text-based content, meaning employees are more likely to remember the essential takeaways. 

Ideal for use when communications are particularly complex, video can be broken down into easy to understand chunks. Instead of presenting the team with a complicated text manual or verbal instructions, video can make the training process much more effective. 

You could even go one step further. Creating various films for each area of the business, such as finance, IT, marketing, and payroll, allows specific info to be shared which relates directly to an employee’s department and role. The strong connections to the business are likely to improve commitment, productivity and overall efficiency.

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3. Keeping costs low & reach high

With flexible & remote working being more popular than ever, brands are now looking for innovative ways to conquer communication issues. Keeping the team in the loop on news and developments may be difficult.

Not every employee may be able to attend a meeting or event, and even if they could, it may be very costly to do so. There’s one easy solution to this, and that’s video. Film is the closest you can get to the “real thing”, and would mean every employee would be able to have the same experience, regardless of where they work.

4. Reducing environmental footprint

The hottest topic in business right now is the environment. Whether it’s sustainability, going plastic-free, or even taking part in office “Meat Free Mondays”, everybody’s doing their bit.

Now, you may be wondering, “how possibly could the environment come into a blog about internal comms?”. You may not even realise, but if your office has multiple locations or employees travelling across the country (or even internationally), you’ll have a much larger carbon footprint.

Using video to communicate company info is a great alternative to employees travelling over long distances. Instead of flying employees internationally to offices overseas, use video. It’s simple! Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, it’ll also dramatically reduce the level of printing required, so paper, ink and power usage will also be lowered.

To wrap things up

Internal comms shouldn’t be dull & boring. It’s 2020. It’s time to step up your brand’s game & move with the times.

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