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Using video for marketing purposes is now common practice among online marketers everywhere. The status of modern technology means anyone with a smartphone can create video content and publish it online for all to see.

However, unlike the early days of YouTube and Facebook, where everyone suddenly gained the status of video producer, marketers have learned that the content they produce has to stand out from the ocean of video out there. There is an incredible noise that defines the state of internet video, and it is quality that gets your content noticed.

The rise of digital content

We have seen substantial growth in marketing with digital content, and video campaigns are among the most popular. Clients understand the need for video production that is high quality and full of creative and engaging ideas. Once you have a high-impact video in your bag, there are many distribution platforms to deploy it on. YouTube used to be the standard, but there are actually many other social media platforms where video marketing is making a big impact.

Facebook‘s decision to enhance its News Feed with the addition of an auto-play feature made a big difference, as there was a substantial jump in views for all videos. Likes and shares also increased quite substantially. In fact, it led to the rise of 15-second Premium Video Ads for advertisers, which start playing with no sound as people scroll past. Anyone who taps these videos will see them expand into a full screen view with sound.

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Multifaceted business benefits

The really exciting thing is that this increase in engagement is only one of the ways video marketing can benefit your business. With quality video content you can increase conversion rates and expand your customer base, whilst simultaneously improving your SEO. There are not many content types that can match film in terms of engaging your audience and increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) for your marketing efforts.

Here are those five types of videos that can engage audiences across all of your touchpoints:

1. Branding videos

These are designed to generate greater awareness and build your brand equity by presenting a visual representation of your brand that will live long in the audience’s minds. Communicate your mission, keep the visuals in line with your branding, include a slogan; do everything possible to make your video stand out and to make people remember your brand.

2. Product videos

This type of video is intended to demonstrate your products to increase audience engagement and conversion on your product pages. There are various tropes associated with these videos, and quality production will be the difference between an effective, memorable video and a cheesy, forgettable infomercial.

3. Call-to-action videos

With this content you can present dedicated campaign videos that support your email and social marketing efforts by calling your target audience to action. These videos must appeal to something in your audience, and there are various nuances that can make them successful.

4. Support videos

You can establish your authority in your market, build customer trust, improve customer retention and reduce the volume of service calls by creating videos like tutorials, hacks and tips. You know your products better than anyone, so your customers will appreciate your support, and you get the added bonus of showing customers the true potential of your products/services.

5. Category videos

These are a means of increasing conversion rates that are designed to help shoppers make their own choices. Rather than showcasing specific products, you give a rundown of a product category to help viewers understand what’s available and decide what will be the right fit for them.

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Track your performance

Whatever approach you choose for your commercial video production, there are various ways to measure the performance of your content. For every video campaign you launch, the following metrics can be tracked:

– The number of times your video has been viewed

– The engagement and interaction with video players showing your content

– Your enhanced SEO figures and statistics

– Any increases in conversion rates

Accurately tracking the performance of your content will help you score more budget from your leadership team to invest in more film assets, in addition to giving you a detailed understanding of what’s working.


To Conclude

Marketing professionals all over the globe cite video content as the marketing technique that yields the best ROI. The sooner you start having video content produced to drive engagement, the faster you will see those returns for yourself. Make an enquiry today and let us know what you hope to achieve with video marketing, and we’ll get the ball rolling on producing some creative, quality content to engage your target audience.