Marketing has changed. Brands are battling with creativity and communications are more careful than ever before. Our marketing trends prediction for the future? Well, we might not have a crystal ball but we’ve given it a good go.


One of the main marketing trends of 2020 has been seeing brands go old school. Positivity, helpfulness, and careful communications have been key. Customers are looking to support companies they can trust.

More importantly, brands have put any ‘sell, sell, sell’ agenda to a halt. The majority of consumers simply turn away from pushiness at this point. 

Views may change now that lockdown restrictions are easing and shops are opening back up again, but you have to remember that the average person won’t have as much disposable income as they once did, pre pandemic. Many workers have faced furlough, or in the worst case scenario, redundancy.


The stats are crystal clear. In a recent survey taken by hundreds of executives and senior marketers, it was revealed that 65% of marketers anticipate a decrease to their annual marketing budget. And 86% of marketers predict that their marketing goals will be harder to reach.

Out of home ad spend in particular is decreasing. Although this was already declining, the current situation has ramped it up. Billboards, signs, and almost every bit of outdoor advertising has seen a sudden dip, mainly because people are spending more time indoors and hardly any time outdoors.

Large companies are keeping their wallets closed tight just in case, and small businesses struggling to survive are making cuts across the board. Although, it’s ideal for brands to keep marketing themselves during tough times, so they don’t get left behind when it comes to the return of the norm.


We’re slowly waving goodbye to real life shopping experiences. Retailers have been scrambling to set up online as a digital world has become the new norm. In fact, 57% of UK consumers have purchased from online marketplaces, such as Amazon or Ebay,  since March.

Companies who have spent time investing on their websites and apps are now seeing the payoff. There’s been a boom in deliveries, clicking and collecting, and pre-booking shopping slots.

The internet is also shaking up the way we experience things. Immersive new technologies have meant consumers can get their fix from virtual events. Travel, retail, and gatherings are about to take on a whole new level of meaning.


Video exploded in lockdown. Just look at how popular TikTok has grown to be. In March of this year alone, it was downloaded 115 million times

Brands are hopping on board with video too, as they’ve looked for new ways to interact with their audience online. Challenges, Story takeovers, and Q&As have taken up a large space of their socials, and we’re predicting they won’t be going away anytime soon.


The three things that are currently setting brands apart from one another. 

We’ve all had to rely on technology over the past few months. Whether that’s with video meetings or creating content, every company has had to tap into digital and social media more during the pandemic. And those doing it better than others have stood out by a mile. 

We predict that content from brands will become more creative, and digital strategies will be better than ever.


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