We’re going to tell you something that not many content creators want to hear. A copy and paste job of a viral video isn’t being creative. Nor is a long, drawn out corporate video of a ‘here’s what we do’ ramble. And they’re not going to rake in the sales and shares you’re after. Just because theirs was successful, doesn’t mean yours will also come out looking Gucci

Now don’t get us wrong, taking inspiration is great. But there’s a fine line between putting your own spin on something versus a straight up copy. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing. No more playing copycat.


If you’re going to stick to your safety net, how the hell are you supposed to grow? Push yourself, break boundaries, and allow yourself to feel a little uncomfortable. These in time will make you a better creative. 

This also translates to video production. Ask yourself this, who willingly wants to sit and watch an MD ramble on about their company for 10 minutes? Definitely not us.

Cue our next point for creative alternatives.


Let’s cut to the chase. These are the most common corporate mistakes we see all of the time:

  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Clumsy editing 
  • Slow-mo everything
  • Drawn out interviews. Cut to the chase. 

You probably get the gist of what we’re getting at. If not, you can delve in a little deeper, here

Now, onto the creative alternatives. Stuck for ideas? Have a whiz at some of these:

  • BTS tours of your office and facilities
  • Influencer & team Story takeovers slash Q&As
  • TikTok memes & challenges (these are huge right now)! Read more about TikTok for brands, here.
  • Quirky events highlights

The key is to keep your content human. Take off your professional front and show the faces behind your brand. If you don’t take yourselves too seriously, your audience is much more likely to engage with your content.


Yeah, you heard that right.

We can promise you nobody wants a brand shoving a sales post down their throat. Not only is it annoying, but it can also put people off your brand.

Instead, keep your brand in the back of people’s minds with innovative, game-changing products, consistent creative content, and clever campaigns.

Build a community of followers that resonate with what you shout about and are actually interested in your brand. These are the people who will naturally engage with your brand’s video content and are drawn to the call to action.

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Just remember: less corporate, more creativity.

If you’re in need of some expertise, you can read our video production top tips here.