At Northern Visuals, we are often asked many questions in regard to our services and what we offer.

Here are ten of our most frequently asked questions.

Why should I use you?

Here at Northern Visuals we create next-generation content to promote, entertain and inspire. Operating industry-grade equipment, our highly-skilled crew have the ability to produce video content that’s second to none. With regular communication to ensure our vision is on par with yours, we will provide a finished product that is both creatively and technically impressive.

We also offer a full service post-production, including an interactive reviewing system which allows you to comment and annotate on specific scenes you would like to adjust.

How long does the average video take to produce?

We aim for an average turnaround of 2 weeks; however, this can differ depending on the deliverables. If you have a tight deadline then we can usually accommodate, just ask!

How much will it cost for a video?

Each production is different from the last, but we can accommodate to most budgets. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the requirements for your video, whilst giving you an idea of the costs involved.

Do I need to find the location or do you?

If a production requires a specific location to fit the bill, we’ll source this for you and organise all relevant permissions. On the other hand, if you know which location you’d like the filming to take place at, such as your place of work, we would happily utilise this.

Can you provide the theme to a video?

We’re more than happy to have a discussion with you to decide on the most suitable theme for your video. We outline aspects such as the video theme, filming logistics, and audience take-aways in the film proposal for your approval.

Do you provide music to the video?

Yes, we work with numerous music licensing platforms that allow us access to a community of artists. We search for music that will match the theme and pace of the video, and your company’s brand image. If preferred, we can send you a playlist of a few songs that we think make the cut, leaving you with the final choice.

Can you subtitle the video?

Yes, on social media platforms, subtitled videos often perform better due to the amount of people who watch videos without sound. We can provide you with the subtitle files (.srt) to upload alongside your videos, which will then allow the viewer to turn them on/off as they wish.

(Tip: Uploading these subtitle files to videos on YouTube will allow Google to read the video’s transcript, crawling through the content and finding relevant keywords. This all helps towards your Search Engine Optimisation [SEO])

Alternatively, we can embed the subtitles into the video for you.

Can you edit the video for social media?

We offer tailored content for social media, making sure that our films are easily digestible for your target audience.  We adjust the ratio and duration accordingly for best optimisation, resulting in numerous shorter versions of the film to be shared across your social media channels.

Do you offer other services to help me promote the video?

We offer a complete video marketing service, ensuring that the videos we create for you, reach your intended audience. By targeting the relevant demographics, we make sure that the video achieves its full potential, whether that be brand exposure, audience engagement, or lead generation. We will also provide you with regular reports to let you know how your campaign is getting on.

How can I get the ball rolling?

You can get in touch by emailing us at or giving us a ring on 07974921152. We can then have an initial ideas discussion, followed by us producing a proposal outlining the video, and give you a quote for the costs involved.

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Still have a question?

We hope this has helped to answer any questions you may have had. However, please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know any more information.