When it comes to drones, this is one area where you really can believe the hype. In recent years, aerial filming has become increasingly popular for capturing awe-inspiring video content that amazes viewers and lingers in the memory.

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The Eye in the Sky

In the past, you could only really capture footage from the air by renting a helicopter and licensed pilot to get your shot – which meant all the associated expenses, regulations and other complications, this is no longer the case with affordable aerial shots captured by drones.

As the technology has improved, so has the quality. Footage is captured in 4K resolution as standard, and there are now more options than ever to use different cameras, according to the kind of footage you’re after. Equally, drones have the versatility to fly into areas that were previously unreachable, from inches off the ground to hundreds of feet above it, while panning and framing a particular subject such as, a specific building or an impressive landscape. All the time, the operator has full control over the drone, and is able to move it as necessary to grab that perfect shot.

It’s perhaps not surprising that companies and organisations are increasingly using drones for aerial filming, for shooting anything from a travel commercial to a property for an estate agent to securing the best coverage of an event.

Can I See Your License?

We’re fully licensed to operate aerial filming equipment for any commercial use.  That means we’re Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved and have a Permission for Commercial Operation, known as a PfCO. Additionally, we’re trained and skilled to do this work in every way we need to be, giving customers confidence in our services as well as complete peace of mind.


A Unique Perspective

We bring to our aerial filming the same approach we lend the rest of our work; that means quality, originality and a strong sense of storytelling, all of which put your brand head and shoulders above the crowd. Talk to us today about aerial filming for your company or film, and take the first step towards some truly stunning results.

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