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In this era of social media, video is one of the most powerful marketing tools to get your brand or product noticed in the public eye. A commercial video goes beyond this and highlights other less obvious aspects of your company, such as corporate culture.

The perks are endless:

  • Enhance trust and brand credibility by highlighting your employees’ stories and company history
  • Provide your website visitors with a different way to digest company information
  • Showcase your humanity by placing employees as the faces of the brand
  • Connect with viewers on an emotional level

Tricks and techniques

Let your creativity run wild with video production; you can create inspiring, touching, viral, serious or funny videos, depending on the intended purpose and target audience.

Here are our 7 tricks and techniques that will help you to achieve a compelling commercial video:

NHS Interview Video

1. Consider the message

The direct result of an effective commercial video is to increase the asset value of your company. The presentation should be simple and not include any fluff; the message should communicate what you want the audience to remember and a call to action.

A natural story-line always works best. Strip the script to the essentials by focusing on only one objective. Avoid corporate jargon and stick to what resonates with your clients.

2. Tell your story

Commercial videos should have a main focus and stay to the point; it can revolve around one narrative, for example, the history of the business or an employee’s story.

You need to engage your viewers from the very first second. Captivating them with an appealing story is often the best approach to use. There are two ways you can go about this – either by interview format or by having someone telling the story themselves in front of the camera.

3. Showcase your company’s culture

For viewers to get a clear idea of the nature of your company,  your commercial video should showcase your company’s culture. From ping-pong tables to Dress-Down Fridays and working flexibility, you want your audience to know what it’s like behind the scenes.

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4. Plan, plan, plan

Before film production, ensure that you figure out what your audience wants to see by finding something that they will resonate with. Do your research. When writing the script, create a scenario that includes dialogue and a technical breakdown of all the scenes.

Select the location carefully; the choice will depend on your budget for the project. Most commercial video productions take place in the office, as this gives your viewers an insight into what the workplace is like.

5. Subtitles work wonders

Subtitles provide a great way to maximise the video’s impact on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In an era where videos are muted on social media by default, subtitles are essential to catch the eyes of social media scrollers and increase video engagement. In fact, 85% of all Facebook videos are actually watched with no sound at all.

6. Select the correct music

Music is essential because it maintains the cohesiveness of your message, whilst setting the tone to create an emotional connection with your viewer. Music can be used throughout the video, even if just to add ambience. Include music into the budget, but keep in mind that the price will vary according to licence fees.

7. Invest in high-quality video production

No one enjoys watching online videos that have poor visual or sound quality. The audio should be recorded properly without any microphone feedback, echoes or background noises. In the same way, good lighting is mandatory because it’s very difficult for clients to engage with you if your face is not clearly visible.

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In a nutshell

We hope our 7 secrets to commercial video success have been useful in getting you started with video production. If you have any questions about video, take a look at our FAQ post or get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.